Executive Summary

  • When people look for a cancer center, they often are not in a good position of knowledge to evaluate their best options.


This article explains our cancer center analysis.

Option #4: Cancer Center Analysis

Selecting a cancer center is stressful. In our experience, most people make a fast decision and go with one of the first cancer centers they visit. Cancer centers make assertive pitches that they can help cancer patients. Patients often “trust their doctor,” however, what if that MD is recommending treatments that are low in effectiveness? Also, “which doctor.”

The whole situation is very tricky. We just were contacted by someone choosing an alternative cancer treatment center that charges $10,000 per week. However, when we analyzed their offering, it looked unlikely to provide much value to them. So we created this service to analyze cancer centers. Why is the standard of care so low? That is because the system is very financialized — with the focus being maximizing money. Many treatments get through the FDA because the FDA has massive financial conflicts. If you look back at the origins of the FDA (so 1906), what you find is private companies complaining that they have to be able to lie about the effectiveness of their products. It was not until 1952 that any evidence was required to receive approval for a treatment. And after reaching a high point in the mid-1970s, the FDA backslid to the point where we are at a better point than pre-1952, but nowhere near where most people think. When you use us, we don’t provide any treatment. We are a research entity, and we are careful to have no partnerships with any other entity, and by extension, any cancer center. If you go to a cancer center, they are selling you a treatment. The money is in providing treatment. Therefore, we set ourselves up to provide guidance but have no financial conflict because we do not make money from any treatment. This is a claim that no cancer centers can make.

We do not recommend a specific cancer center to you. We don’t have a large enough database of cancer centers to do that yet. We analyze cancer centers that you are either currently using or ones you are considering using.

There is no set fee for this service, and it depends upon the amount of effort involved. This is priced by the explanation of what the subscriber is interested in. Once you have agreed to our estimate, we will send you a link where you can pay. We can get started quickly on your question.

How Long Does it Normally Take?

Normally all analysis is completed in less than a week.

What Would be the Price for My Issue?

To inquire about what this would cost for your question, contact us through the chat widget in the lower right-hand corner of the site.