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  • We are a website that provides an analysis of medical treatments that are independent of the medical system.


  • This is one of the only sites that provides completely independent coverage and explanation of medical treatments.
  • All of this information is research-based but written for non-scientists trying to determine the best treatment and health maintenance options.
  • We are partially subscriber-led in terms of the topics that we research and write upon.

Introductory Video

See our introductory video to learn about this site.

Hopefully, this video explains the website.

Now let us discuss the advantages of a site subscription in more detail.

Benefit #1: Not Controlled by Medical Authorities

If you check all or nearly all of the sources on medical treatments, you will find that they are highly consistent with the medical authorities.

When evaluating health information, one of the most important factors to consider is the financial conflicts of the information provider. 

Financial interests highly control the medical authorities. Hospitals, medical schools, and entities like the American Cancer Society have enormous and undeclared financial ties to those treatments they promote. Neither these medical authorities nor those that provide compliant coverage of medical authority advice disclose their financial conflicts to their audience and pretend they are “just about public health.”

We have no financial ties with the NIH, CDC, FDA, or pharmaceutical companies and therefore don’t have to function as a PR front end for any of these entities. These entities only tangentially support public health and are about their financial biases and increasing their power and funding. Many people look up free medical information online without realizing that popular websites like MedMD and Mayo Clinic are controlled by their financial conflicts, a subject we cover in the article Reason to Subscribe: Supporting Independent Medical Analysis.

There is no regulation of online medical information — and if there were, the only regulation would be whether the entity publishes information consistent with these same funders.

Our lack of connection to these entities and the fact we don’t look for funding from them means we can tell you the truth that those with financial conflicts cannot.

Mainstream News Segments That Promote Pharmaceutical Messaging

All of the major establishment media (ABC, NBC, DW, NYT, etc..) are filled with false information about the effectiveness of the vaccines, which is easily disproven by simply reading the submission to the FDA, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. All of the major establishment media use MDs recommended by pharmaceutical companies.

During this segment, in which Maddow is entirely incorrect in all of her assertions — the network, MSNBC is essentially a front end for drug companies, and for what Jimmy Dore estimates is $100,000 per day, Maddow will say anything put in front fo her. One must find non-establishment sources to find information not controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

Benefit #2: The Ability to be Honest About Treatments That Don’t Work and Or Have Strongly Negative Adverse Events

If you read websites on treatments, you will find treatments that are poorly rated or do not work at all that is recommended.

Such websites are highly reticent to cover the reality of treatments that do not work. They simply cover FDA-approved drugs without telling the reader that the FDA regularly approves ineffective and dangerous drugs.

Benefit #3: Coverage of Generic Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies and their health authority and media partners denigrate and emphasize generic drugs and continually point patients to less proven drugs that are on-patent. This is why MDs have large inventories of samples provided to them by drug reps so that the patient becomes habituated to taking and only learning about the on-patent drugs. The US medical establishment is about pushing patients to the most expensive treatments.

This segment, produced by Bloomberg, could have been directed by Pfizer. The segment tries to allocate the problem with a drug that should have never been approved and then blames generics for lack of FDA testing, which the pharmaceutical companies create by not funding the FDA. This story is very rare, and what Bloomberg does not cover is the many dangerous drugs on a patent that the FDA routinely approves. Furthermore, generics are older drugs and tend to be much safer than newer on-patent drugs. 

Pharmaceutical companies want to keep patients from using generics and extend drugs from patents back onto another. Patent drug makers try and are often successful in migrating patients from generic drugs to on-patent drugs. When a drug falls off of patent, the drug company no longer makes that drug.

Bloomberg’s coverage of health issues is undifferentiated from going directly to the pharma websites to find information. This video presents is deliberately deceptive and provides false information in multiple areas. First, the claim about the clinical trials being high quality is completely false and easily provable as false.

The Natural Impact on Health Care Costs

This is one of the reasons why the US has health care costs that are 1/3 more than the following most expensive country in the world (which is Switzerland). These costs would be easy to decrease, but the healthcare entities spend on lobbying to prevent that from happening.

Furthermore, with all of this expenditure, the US has health outcomes at the level of countries that spend 1/5 as much per person.

How the Medical Establishment Hides the Reality of Older Versus New Drugs

The reality is that older drugs are typically better than new drugs, more proven, and safer, and many older drugs are off-patent. For example, most new cancer drugs are ineffective and far more dangerous than older drugs, and this is because drug companies have already found more effective chemical compounds. However, the medical system is set up to move patients to newer drugs.

Benefit #4: Learning About Ineffective Treatments

An enormous number of drugs and treatments are either completely ineffective or effective in the short term but have many negative long-term consequences. You cannot find out what is effective by using the establishment of medical sources like WebMD or the CDC, or Healthline because they are front ends for those entities that make money from these ineffective treatments.

Benefit #5: Translation and Effort

Scientific studies are written for those in the field and are not designed to be understood by laypeople. What makes it worse is that the pharmaceutical companies rig the studies. You have to have experience evaluating studies to catch. We do quality checking and translate studies into understandable terms that have real meaning for those looking for the best treatment.

Furthermore, most of the papers we review are lengthy, and most people are not interested in reading them or trying to figure out which parts are relevant to their treatment decision and which are not.

You can think of us as a bit like Consumer Reports but for treatments. We are huge fans of Consumer Reports, and like them, we have no financial conflicts to keep us from publishing what is true.

Consumer Reports does not make drugs a major focus. Still, when they do cover the topic, as in this issue above, they provide very important information to the public about whatever they cover. This issue focusing on prescription pricing was educational, but the best prices greatly change depending upon which drug is being priced. 

“Arrogare”: Claiming The Right of Knowledge for Oneself

This is a great scene from the movie Lorenzo’s Oil. This movie is based on a true story, showing that the medical establishment was wrong in the case of Adrenoleukodystrophy. The parents, Augusto and Michaela Odone, played by Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte, were correct. In this scene, Augusto states that he “claims the right” to search for answers to help his sick son.

Why the Medical Establishment Wants Passive Lemming Patients Who Do Not Question

Back then, as today, the US medical establishment does not tolerate people who question their approach. It does not tolerate MDs that question the advice of the health authorities and pharmaceutical companies. If anything, there is even more top-down control by the corrupt medical authorities than when the Odones’ were going through this. With some hospitals bringing back mandatory masks after all that has been exposed about the ineffectiveness of masks against covid, this illustrates that things are driving medicine outside of evidence. Medicine could be evidence-based or optimized around evidence — but it prefers to be optimized around profits.

This is a very important movie; in fact, it is one of the most important ever made in medical history — which, curiously, as with the case of the disease Adrenoleukodystrophy, is never referred to by the medical establishment. Every time the medical establishment is wrong, they cover that error up. They are currently madly at work using the establishment media to help them cover up all the areas they were wrong on covid.

Benefit #6: Drug Pricing and Sourcing

Subscribers get drug pricing performed by us. Drug pricing is a major issue because the variance in the price of the same drug depends upon its source. This is true for generics as well as for patent drugs. You get our drug pricing experience included in your subscription.

How The Site Works

  • The site is based on a month-to-month subscription, allowing us to fund the research.
  • Some of the article topics are driven by questions from subscribers.
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  1. Ivermectin and other benefits, FDA, cancer, antidepressants, statins, and sleeping aids. 

Brightwork Drug Comparison Database

Virtually all online drug databases are controlled by pharmaceutical companies, even when the source pretends to be independent. These databases also are texturally based and organized without consistent formatting, even within the same database. They make it difficult to compare drugs to one another or to expose how so many well-known drugs are copycat or “me too” drugs.

This database is currently small, with 50 drugs profiled. But it grows as time passes. As soon as you use it, it should be clearer than any drug database you have used.

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Comments from People Who Benefited from The Site

Comment #1: Unique Information

What I really liked about BRTD is that it had articles that gave me information I could not have gotten from other sources. I also found a ton of references that if I wanted I could check on. - Susan Lewis

Comment #2: Staying Away From Problematic Treatments

I was overwhelmed with information while trying to figure out what to do regarding a health emergency. The best thing for me was I felt the site was reliable. The research is top notch and and shows support for why it says what it does. The explanations also made a lot of sense, and it helped me stay away from some problematic treatments that I was very seriously considering for my wife - Sam Roberts

Comment #3: Extra Dimension of Analysis

I want to see my doctor about a mental issue with my son, and I found out information at this site (BRTD) about side effects from the ADHD medication that the doctor never shared with me. I am at a loss as to why the problems the studies showed that were so clearly laid out at this site, but without any of that information explained to me at the doctor's office. - Rebecca Schumacher

Comment #4: Top Flight Support

This site (BRTD) has top flight support. Julie Ryan is both responsive, and understands the articles and has been able to point me in the right direction several times now. I don't know of another site like this that has this type of customer service, even more impressive when you consider the cost. All the communication is through texting, which is very convenient for me. Normally I get a response within a few hours - Tim Anders

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These are the options we provide. All of these options help the medical situation of our customers. To be clear, we provide no treatment - we provide analysis. 

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All recommendations are based on a review and selection of the medical literature. There is no set fee for this service, and it depends upon the amount of effort involved.

We typically learn about the patient and the context from providing Option #3: Treatment Consulting Service and then perform this analysis. 

Treatment Options

Option #5: Non-Pharmaceutical Controlled Health Certification

If you check all US medical schools, you will find that pharmaceutical companies remotely control them. They control the curriculum, and this is not disclosed. This means that in health and medicine, there is virtually no training that is not somehow rigged in favor of pharmaceuticals. This certificate breaks with that tradition. Read more by selecting the button. 

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