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  • People have many questions that they would like answers to — that is not from the same old controlled medical establishment.


This article explains our treatment consulting.

Feedback on Treatments From MDs

We started this site to provide research to the public without financial conflicts with the medical establishment. However, we have found that many people like some additional interaction to assist in figuring things out. Furthermore, many people have fast questions that are not involved. We set up this service to answer those more basic questions.

Option #3: Our Treatment Consulting

We charge a one-time fee for providing treatment consulting.

Our treatment consulting is supported by large amounts of medical research and is performed through the chat widget. After you have paid, you can type your question to Julie in the chat window in the lower right-hand corner of the site.

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Comments from People Who Benefited from The Site

Comment #1: Unique Information

What I really liked about BRTD is that it had articles that gave me information I could not have gotten from other sources. I also found a ton of references that if I wanted I could check on. - Susan Lewis

Comment #2: Staying Away From Problematic Treatments

I was overwhelmed with information while trying to figure out what to do regarding a health emergency. The best thing for me was I felt the site was reliable. The research is top notch and and shows support for why it says what it does. The explanations also made a lot of sense, and it helped me stay away from some problematic treatments that I was very seriously considering for my wife - Sam Roberts

Comment #3: Extra Dimension of Analysis

I want to see my doctor about a mental issue with my son, and I found out information at this site (BRTD) about side effects from the ADHD medication that the doctor never shared with me. I am at a loss as to why the problems the studies showed that were so clearly laid out at this site, but without any of that information explained to me at the doctor's office. - Rebecca Schumacher

Comment #4: Top Flight Support

This site (BRTD) has top flight support. Julie Ryan is both responsive, and understands the articles and has been able to point me in the right direction several times now. I don't know of another site like this that has this type of customer service, even more impressive when you consider the cost. All the communication is through texting, which is very convenient for me. Normally I get a response within a few hours - Tim Anders