Executive Summary

  • This article describes our development of a product specification that includes other co-products that support cancer fighting, autoimmunity fighting, and immune system empowerment in an easy to take single mixed formula item.


A major issue with addressing ailments is the difficulty in communicating the complexity of what is involved in treating the ailments that interest people on this website. In this article, we will address this issue we have noted, as well as our solution.

The Common Practice of Looking for a Single Item or “Magic Bullet” as a Solution Rather Than Multiple Items

At this website, we cover many topics related to cancer treatment, and to autoimmune diseases and to, improving the immune system overall. Still, invariably the questions we receive are for a single item — in this case, Ivermectin. However, first, Ivermectin is only one of many items that solve these ailments, and secondly, some of these items that also address these ailments as well as prevent these ailments work in conjunction with other items in which if there is a deficiency, then the primary item is not able to be properly or fully utilized — due to the lack of the necessary co-factor.

Proportions of Each Item

The problem with combing the items that support everything discussed before is not only item selection but making sure to take them in the right proportion. The answer we came up with was to develop a formula of many items that can be purchased in a powdered form and then mixed into one single item. This mixed item then could be sold and the dosage — for all of the items would be based upon bodyweight, and therefore would be easy to calculate. This would make dosage and the consistent taking of the product an easy thing to do. That is, the “math” is already worked out for the consumer.

We are developing a specification which will allow a product to be made that includes many items that we have checked for applicability to prevention and treatment of cancer and auto-immune disease. All of this is supported by large amounts of research, which is documented at this website for those that are subscribers.

More to Come

We are currently working out our specifications of items, and quantity or proportions and in the process of communicating to a supplier that will develop the product based upon our specification.