The Brightwork Cancer Article Guide

Executive Summary

  • There are many articles on cancer on the BRTD website.
  • This article provides a guide to these articles.


The Major Areas Covered by Our Articles

The cancer articles on the site fall into the following categories:

  • Ivermectin for Cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cancer and inflammation and immunity
  • Cancer screening
  • What the medical authorities promote and say about cancer
  • The connection between antiparasitic drugs and cancer.

Oversight #1: Not Considering The Many Ins and Outs of Cancer

There are so many factors that go into cancer and understanding cancer. Often people with cancer will focus on getting to answers exceptionally quickly but without the time to understand the broader topic. Fear is a motivator. However, fear and stress prevent learning.

There is simply no way to understand the topic of cancer quickly. We try to get cancer patients to slow down and not expect to be able to come to an understanding or treatment selection quickly. The medical establishment typically proposes the opposite. They are selling services, so they prefer fast decision-making.

We are not selling any cancer products or services, and we know the limitations of the different treatments, so we propose slow decision-making and time spent learning.

Oversight #2: A Lack of Focus on the Immune System

Many issues relate to what the medical establishment tells people they should focus on. The medical establishment leaves out that understanding the immune system is core to treating cancer and prevention. When Julie or Cynthia, or Todd interact with BRTD customers, this is not immediately apparent to them.

This is why we recommend BRTD subscribers and customers read the BRTD articles on immunity. The medical establishment wants to treat immunity as a separate subject from cancer, and anyone trying to prevent or cure cancer will be far worse off if they follow their lead.

Oversight #3: Accepting the Medical Establishment Without Independent Analysis

The medical establishment provides much information about reinforcing the current revenue streams of cancer treatment. This dramatically affects those we interact with, and getting subscribers and customers out of the constructs created by the medical establishment is difficult.

The following are the current articles on cancer on the website. We have them broken into the following categories.

Article Categories

Cancer Article Category #1: Cancer General

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