Executive Summary

  • All subscribers must follow the rules of the website.
  • This website comes with a subscription license for every month the subscription is paid.
  • This page explains these rules.

Don’t #1: To Share Content

The subscription license allows a person to access and read the articles and to have someone in the same house read them.

The Solution

To share outside of this and to share broadly, a subscriber needs to purchase a Group Subscription.

Don’t #2: We Are Not Interested in MDs as Subscribers

We found two major problems with having MDs as subscribers.

Issue #1

In our experience, MDs are too much overhead to support.

Issue #2

MDs that want to subscribe typically want to pay the low monthly fee as a subscriber, but then base at least some of their billings in part on this low monthly fee. Then, they most often want too high a level of support for this fee, and then they want to share information with many patients for this fee.

The Solution

We delete the accounts of subscribers if we find they are MDs. We are making it as clear as we possibly can right here in this article, we have no interest in MDs as subscribers.

And this topic gets into another topic that relates to our orientation.

We Are Direct to Patients

We don’t want our research marked up by MDs.

We are a direct to patients website and so having MDs as subscribers is not part of our business model.

Why We Have No Partnerships

This is why you will never find us partnered with any MD, any cancer or cardiovascular center, or any part of the medical system.