Why Should You Trust Us?

First, it will be apparent when you read the articles that we have put the work into the research. However, many MDs are knowledgeable but still end up being untrustworthy. Our “secret sauce” is that we have no financial conflicts. It is very easy to find financial conflicts in all of the major sources of information on medical topics.

Let’s review the CDC’s financial conflicts by comparison.

CDC Financial Conflicts: Who Does the CDC Report To?

Well its certainly not the US public. Lets see if this quote from the article Who Owns the CDC can give you a hint.

Unfortunately, the CDC also does its best to obfuscate its funding by only stating if they receive more or less than 50,000 from each sponsor (this is somewhat analogous to how processed food manufacturers do their best to hide information from nutrition labels). For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is simply stated as a party that donated over 50,000 dollars.

Fortunately, unlike many of the sponsors, the Gates Foundation does disclose the grants they have given the CDC, which for reference totaled to:

•9.73 million in 2022
•10.84 million in 2021
•6.70 million in 2020
•15.60 million in 2019
•18.13 million in 2018

Thus, the CDC’s disclosures were accurate since each of these figures was “50,000 and above,” although I would argue they were quite misleading, as these figures clearly demonstrate sufficient bribery to override any pre-existing scientific integrity at the agency.

The CDC lies as much about its donors as it does about vaccines.

Pfizer's Donations

•2.8 million in 2021
•5.4 million in 2020
•6.24 million in 2019
•4.13 million in 2018

GAVI's Donations

GAVI is the vaccine alliance.

•27.71 million in 2021

•13.17 million in 2020

So really -- how independent is the CDC from vaccine manufacturers?

Gilead Science

Gilead produced Remdesivir, which was included as a main part of the covid protocol and is one of the most deadly drugs in existence.

•10.95 million in 2019

These are the search results for the term "CDC Vaccine Schedule"

Controlled Search Results Based Upon Financial Conflicts

These are the search results for the term "CDC Vaccine Schedule"

Every single result is the CDC's website. Where are the search results that are independent of the CDC? They are not in the top results. The search engines entirely defer to the CDC -- never mentioning the CDC's financial conflicts. The CDC's financial conflicts go unmentioned. The CDC has very ineffective and unsafe vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule. They don't care. Vaccines are what butters the bread of the organization and the top decision-makers.

Google also takes money from vaccine manufacturers -- and then promotes the CDC. Google's financial conflicts also go unmentioned.

98% of Google's revenues come from advertising.

Vaccine manufacturers and pharma companies overall are major advertisers.

This is just one of many examples. We have a health information system based upon direct financial conflicts, revolving doors at agencies, and advertising.

Unlike all of the health authorities, we have no financial conflicts. That ensures that we always provide financially unbiased information to you.

Time For Us to Sell Out?

We have been made offers to sell this website. The entity that wanted to purchase it would then reverse the articles so that they say the same things that are on WebMD, Healthline, etc. The medical establishment is willing to offer us more than our subscribers are willing to pay us to keep the website accurate. The company that made the offer we declined knows that as with other medical websites they own, there is no disclosure of the financial conflicts of interests with medical entities.

Notice that subscription sites in medicine are very rare. The number one selection criterion in online medical information appears to be whether it is free and from a big name. Accuracy and lack of lack of financial bias are a distant third.

It seems that most people reading medical websites have no idea of the financial bias of the site they are reading. Therefore it should be no surprise so many people get taken advantage of by the medical establishment when all of the top search results on topics are controlled by them. 

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