Executive Summary

  • This article shows how the Brightwork Research Treatment Database charges subscribers.

The BRTD is a Subscription Website

Our articles are listed in our Article Index. Please review the Article Index if you don’t recall the site that you signed up for.

Communication of Subscription Information #1: When A Subscription is Begun

The Initial Sign-Up Form

This is the form that all subscribers fill out. This is the only way that a new subscription is created. The new subscriber must enter their name, email, and credit card details. 

The form also states that the charge is “per month.” Then under the button to the right, it says, “Renews Automatically. Cancel Anytime.” This form is not designed by us but by the payment processor Stripe and is used for thousands of subscription websites. 

However, before the subscriber gets to the form, they have to select this button on our introduction page, which it states numerous times that it is a subscription site. 

Communication of Subscription Information #2: When Subscribers Are Provided Access the Site

Email Sent to All New Subscribers

The following email is sent to all new subscribers. If you check your inbox, you should find this email. It explains how to sign in to the site. 


Welcome as a subscriber to the Brightwork Research Treatment Database website.

Article Access
To get access to all of the articles, go to this link.
Send yourself a sign-in link, and you will receive an email. Just select the link in the email. You will be automatically signed in and stay signed in for that browser and device as long as you don’t delete the cookie. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN IN AGAIN. The test of whether you are signed in is whether you can access the full article.

Article Index
Here is the list of all of the articles on the site.  

Site Navigation
Here is the article that explains how to navigate the site. If you have a question, see this page first. https://www.brightworkresearchtreatment.com/getting-access-to-the-articles-at-the-site/.

Remember, all of these pages are also available from the menu.

What to Do if You Have Issues Logging On
If you run into issues logging in, reach out to Julie Ryan through the chat widget in the lower right-hand corner of any page on the site.

Best Regards and Good Health,

Cynthia Anderson

Communication of Subscription Information #3: When Subscribers Are Informed of Their Monthly Subscription Charge

An Email Sent to the Subscriber After Every Charge

  • Subscribers are sent an email after every time they are charged. If you search your email, you should find an email like this for every month you were a subscriber.
  • A link at the top of the email also takes the person to the Brightwork Research Treatment Database.
Brightwork Research Treatment Database
Hi Shaun,

Your order is complete. Below is an invoice for your records.



Order: FC9E14F7
Date: February 27, 2023

Billed to

Julie Ryan

Payment method

Discover *6016



Brightwork Research Treatment Database Subscription

$35.00 USD

The Purpose of the Invoice Email

This email is a way of informing subscribers so they know every time they are charged.

Important Points About How Subscribers Show Their Intent to Subscribe

  • A new subscriber is informed multiple times before getting to the Stripe form that this is a subscription site.
  • A new subscriber has to go through the Stripe form to initiate a new subscription, where the new subscriber is told that it is a subscription site.

Important Points About How Subscribers Are Informed of their Subscription and the Charges

  • A new subscriber is sent an email explaining how to access the information and sign into the website. They are also told to contact BRTD if they have issues getting into the site. 
  • A new subscriber is informed of the initial charge for the first month of their subscription by email and is then sent an email for every monthly payment.