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We cover many medical topics but are known for our dosage calculators, cancer decision-support calculators, and guides for drugs like Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, and Methadone versus cancer. We have the most detailed information available on these topics. You can see us as providing you with highly specific information to treat and prevent disease and analyze different treatments.

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Introductory Video on The Brightwork Research Treatment Database

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Hopefully, this video explains the website. Now, let us discuss the advantages of a site subscription in more detail.

Benefit #1: Getting Independent Information Not Controlled by Big Pharma, the NIH, and Other Corrupt Entities

Many people look up free medical information online without realizing that popular websites like MedMD and Mayo Clinic have financial conflicts. Financial interests highly control the medical authorities. Hospitals, medical schools, and entities like the American Cancer Society have enormous and undeclared financial ties to the treatments they promote.

Benefit #2: Information on Ivermectin

We have the most research on Ivermectin, which includes many topics

Just Some of the Highlights of Our Coverage

This coverage includes dosage, duration, frequency, sourcing, safety, the specific mechanisms of action by which Ivermectin works against cancer, testing evidence for Ivermectin versus many different types of cancer, autoimmune disease, and much more. We are constantly growing our article database.

The Reality of The Lack of Information on These Drugs

The general information on using Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, and Mebendazole is minimal on the internet and even more so in books. The dosage that is most commonly quoted or published is not specific to things like cancer, AIDS, fighting the effects of the covid vaccines, or autoimmune diseases (all of which we cover); instead, it is the dosage for its use as an antiparasitic. Companies that manufacture Ivermectin, Fenbdanzole, and Mebendazole are not going to spend money or time to address the uses of these drugs for these uses — because all of these drugs have come off of their patents.

How The Patent System Works Against These Drugs

Merck views these drugs (quite rightly, as it turns out) as threats to enormously more profitable drugs that are still on patent. Therefore, these are now “orphan drugs” that have ceased to see analytical investment or promotion from pharmaceutical companies.

How the Medical Establishment Steers People Away from Effective, Safe, and Valuable Drugs

Without the detailed information on our website, the likelihood of using Ivermectin correctly for cancer or other purposes is low. All of the details on using Ivermectin on major medical sites like WebMD or Johns Hopkins state that Ivermectin is not helpful for anything other than as an antiparasitic. This is easily demonstrated to be false. Yet, this is repeatedly stated by the medical establishment.

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Articles on Ivermectin and Cancer

See our Ivermectin Article Index and Ivermectin for Different Cancers Index.

Finding New Articles

When you are a subscriber and you want to find the newest articles published, you can find them by scrolling to the bottom of the article index and selecting Articles by Date.

Benefit #3: Dosage Calculator and Treatment Calculators

Easy And Automated Dosage Calculation That Uses Multiple Personal Characteristics

Our calculators do not require you to do any math — instead, enter your sex, whether you desire the treatment dose or prevention dose, your weight, and what Ivermectin you are using or plan to use. You will immediately receive your estimated dosage.

To see why we have concluded that this is how dosages should be calculated, see the article The Problem With Dosage Calculation Used in Medicine.

Sample – For Illustration Purposes

This is not a screenshot; it is a calculator. Go ahead and interact with it by selecting fields.

To see a sample dosage guide, select this link.

Treatment Decision Support Calculators

We also have decision-support AI calculators for treatment recommendations. Our chemotherapy and immunotherapy AI calculators are ready to use, and we are developing more. You provide inputs to the calculator, which gives you a recommendation (based on extensive research) on whether the treatment is likely worth the cost, effort, etc. These are the only calculators of this kind we are aware of.

Treatment AI Calculators

All Calculators

All calculators are included in an article providing extensive context-specific to that use that covers the questions about taking Ivermectin. We provide very detailed instructions and explanations with each calculator. See the list of our drug dosage guides and calculators here.

To come back to this page after opening either link, close those tabs, and you will be brought back.

Benefit #4: A Tested Source of Ivermectin

You get our recommended Ivermectin source, which we have tested for bioequivalence on animals — a real test, not a test that can be faked. Most Ivermectin buyers purchase Ivermectin without knowing the correct dosage or if the Ivermectin they are purchasing is bioequivalent. See more details on our recommended source Summit Products, which carries the Ivermectin we tested for bioequivalence — which is also reasonably priced. You can read about this topic at Our Ivermectin Bioequivalence Testing.

Without our bioequivalence-tested Ivermectin, you need to take more MG, which costs more money. Furthermore, our source makes it simple to buy Ivermectin. We have also reviewed the source’s customer service with our subscribers.

Benefit #5: Addressing the Issue of MDs Not Working With Patients on Ivermectin For Cancer

Many people will want MDs to work with them on Ivermectin. However, very few MDs know anything about Ivermectin; the vast majority oppose its use and additionally have strong disincentives to recommend Ivermectin placed upon them by the medical system. We, on the other hand, have deep expertise in Ivermectin with links to all the supporting research, which is available 24/7. For a prescription, we provide a nurse practitioner you can contact who works with Ivermectin.

Benefit #6 takes longer to explain, so we have moved it below the comments and the subscription information.

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What Are Your Options if You Don’t Want to Subscribe to Use Our Site?

The vast majority of those visiting this website want to access the information contained in our site. Still, only a fraction of those visiting this page will ever join and become subscribers. Many think they can keep searching until they find the information elsewhere, but they don’t realize that so much of our research is original.

What is Generally Available: Mostly Low Effort Articles

We are very familiar with the information available online on these topics. For example, virtually all the information on the dosage of the drugs we cover online is for the antiparasitic dosage. There is no consideration of what the dosage should be for other uses. Instead, the source repeats the antiparasitic dosage. Another article we found, for some reason, used the covid dosage and frequency and applied it to cancer.

Most sites that cover this topic will write one article on Ivermectin. We have over 160.

False Articles Controlled by the Medical Establishment

When it comes to Ivermectin for cancer and other ailments, the search results are dominated by the medical establishment, which opposes this use as they don’t want it competing with their very high-profit treatments. Remember, oncologists will tell patients not to take Vitamin D as it may interact with chemotherapy. That is how bad the information that is generally available is.

The Effort to Replicate Our Site’s Information

Another thing is that we have all the information processed and available in one place. Our information is comprehensive, specific to a purpose, and adjusted by interactions with many subscribers going through what you are going through. Trying to figure out a way to get this information we have is a very poor use of the time of those who choose not to subscribe and an impossible task. Subscribers repeatedly tell us that our site is like nothing else they have seen.

The Stakes Versus the Costs of Our Subscription

When the stakes are high, as with health, it seems strange that people tell us they will continue to pay for other things like eating out but refuse to pay to access our information even though the costs are roughly the same.

Benefit #6: A Large Amount of Important Medical Coverage and Assistance In Understanding Treatments and the Overall Medical System


The medical establishment provides false information to the public on various topics. One of the most significant areas of interest is the false information about the effectiveness and safety of cancer treatments. However, the more time we have spent investigating different medical areas, the more false information we have found in nearly every area we have researched.

A significant part of what the medical establishment does is take advantage of patients who can’t contradict the claims made and are made fearful, which leads to very high levels of adherence to their treatments. Our site provides evidence to demonstrate which treatments are effective and which aren’t. However, if we were part of the medical establishment, we could not publish our articles.

How Hospitals and Cancer Centers Work

All facilities hide their financial conflicts from patients. This is done by not stating them, pretending various health authorities are only following scientific evidence, and claiming that pharmaceutical companies (which have been thoroughly exposed as unethical and constantly providing false information to the public and rigging their clinical trials), are objective sources of information.

The system we have for cancer treatment is that patients go to a highly profit-focused cancer center (many of which are also ‘nonprofit,” so very highly profit-focused but pay no taxes) where treatments are recommended without evidence being presented to patients.

There is no independent analysis of the statements by any entity that makes no money whether the patient agrees to the treatment presented or rejects the treatment recommended.

The Need For Very Fast Treatment Decision-Making on Slow-Acting Disease?

The hospital or cancer center pushes for the decision to be made quickly, often scheduling treatment the next week — so that the patient gets placed into the sales funnel before they have had time to research the treatment they are about to agree to. This is true even though cancer is not a fast-acting disease. If the patient resists committing to treatment quickly, they are often told that they will die unless they accept the treatment. MDs know that if they “close” the patients on the first visit and get them to commit, it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even in revenue.

Medical System Credibility Case Study #1: The Performance of the Medical Establishment on Communicating Accurate Information on Covid and Vaccines Generalizes to Other Areas of Medicine

For many, COVID was the event that “removed the mask” from the medical establishment. All countries with significant covid vaccine programs have seen a major decline in lifespan since the pandemic passed. The US has lost between 2.5 years and 3 years in lifespan due to the untested covid vaccines. The medical establishment’s response has been to cover this up.

However, the same lies told about COVID by the medical establishment and media (who work for the medical establishment due to financial connections) are normalized in all areas of medicine. For example, the medical establishment provides very large amounts of false information about cancer and antidepressants as they did about covid.

How the Medical Establishment Persecutes Medical Whistleblowers – Instead of Punishing Pharmaceutical Companies That Produce Falsified Clinical Trials

Meet Brooke Jackson

This whistleblower, Brooke Jackson, worked on the Pfizer mRNA clinical trial and contacted the FDA about how the Pfizer-funded clinical trial was invalid and a “nightmare.” The FDA reported her to Pfizer, and she was fired by the Primary Investigator (working for Pfizer) the next day. The FDA did not investigate and hid this information from the public. The FDA demonstrated that it could not have cared less and viewed Jackson as an enemy to be punished and silenced. When fraud happens with clinical trials and is exposed, pharmaceutical companies can be sure major media outlets will not cover the story.

The FDA Running Cover for Pfizer

This is the FDA’s statement on the Pfizer whistleblower case.

The FDA has full confidence in the data that were used to support the Pfizer BioNTech COVID 19 Vaccine Authorization and the Comirnaty approval.

This is not an unusual case. This is how the FDA operates on a routine basis. This story never broke into the major media outlets. Pharmaceutical companies can engage in any scientific fraud they like in their clinical trials, and the FDA will not only do nothing to stop it but will also accept what it knows are fraudulent studies.

Dr. Kory Exposes The Medical Establishment

According to Dr. Peirre Kory, as he explains in the following video, medical treatments are entirely based upon moving patients to the most expensive treatments and supressing effective and safe treatments.

When all treatments in a system are profit-maximized, clinical trials are continually falsified, and the medical establishment controls MDs to follow the most profit-maximizing treatments, medicine requires independent analysis.

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