How Yale, the FDA, and Merck Lied About Molnupiravir’s Inferiority to Ivermectin

Executive Summary

  • The health authorities have done their best to stigmatize the use of Ivermectin and promote far less effective and more risky drugs.
  • One of these is Molnupiravir.


Ivermectin is a drug that is highly effective against multiple ailments. However, Merck and the health authorities have decided to create fear around the medicine because this drug is now generic. While Merck was telling the public that therapeutics like Ivermectin were ineffective against covid, it was busy creating an on-patent substitute. This drug is called Molnupiravir. Ivermectin works for many ailments and is highly supportive of general health. This article will cover how pharmaceutical companies, health authorities, and establishment media they control push the public away from proven generic drugs to far more risky and less effective on-patent drugs.

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