Our Recommended Source for Ivermectin

Executive Summary

  • This is our recommended source for Ivermectin.


This article provides our recommended source of Ivermectin based on our testing.

Manufacturing Country and Price Problem

When we first investigated Ivermectin sourcing, we ran into several problems. And this is because the Ivermectin manufactured in the US or other non-Indian countries is expensive. And the reasonably priced sources of Ivermectin are all from India, which, unless they are individually tested, are of unknown quality. To see why this is the case, read our article category on Generic Drugs. This issue is a problem across pharmaceuticals. Ivermectin undermines more expensive drugs, so the medical establishment and profit incentives are already pushing against it. While those who seek Ivermectin might be flummoxed by the cost comparison and source comparison matrix above, this matrix makes specific pharmaceutical companies smile. There is no price control in the US for drugs. It is preferable if you can afford the US, UK, New Zealand, or German-manufactured Ivermectin, but realistically, the prices are too high for these sources. This means the pricing market for Ivermectin is bifurcated — between high and low-cost sources. Ivermectin is a generic drug; it is very problematic that the costs from countries known for high-quality manufacturing are so high. Indian authorities do not regulate manufacturing plants in India and are barely regulated by the FDA.

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