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Executive Summary

  • This article covers the factors that play into developing a recommended dosage of Ivermectin recommended dose.


We get many questions on Ivermectin dosage. In this article, we will cover the dosage of Ivermectin for humans.

The Complications Of Arriving at an Ivermectin Dosage

The problem is that there are questions on dosage for many applications (cancer, blood thinning, autoimmune disorders, covid vaccine treatment, etc..) for which Ivermectin can be used.

The FDA only approves the Ivermectin as an Antiparasitic

The FDA only approves Ivermectin as an anti-parasitical and has been for over 40 years. But it is unlikely any pharmaceutical company will ever go to the expense to perform a clinical trial on Ivermectin, as there are no profits to be made from such an endeavor — and that is the only way drugs are approved. Pharmaceutical companies are far more likely to fund studies undermining Ivermectin, as Bill Gates’ Foundation did with Hydroxychloroquine.

The US Government Health Authorities Are Aligned With Promoting Only Patent Drugs

Studies have continued on Ivermectin, but the NIH or other pharmaceutical companies will not fund them. At the direction of pharmaceutical companies, the FDA actively discourages using Ivermectin. Neither the FDA nor NIH cares about the evidence supporting Ivermectin — Ivermectin is a generic drug — as it is old and has come off of its patent, which is a problem for their sponsors.

And this is not just an issue limited to Ivermectin. While patent drugs constantly have expanded off-label usage, without any studies submitted to the FDA, Ivermectin will never have its off-label use grown — and generic drugs also do not have off-label use developed. Generic drugs are considered “dead drugs” by the pharmaceutical industry — hopefully to be replaced by an on-patent drug at some point in the future.

What About a Different and Specific Dosage for Cancer?

One subscriber commented that they expected a specific dosage for cancer.

We developed an overall dosage that includes cancer. The dosage above incorporates multiple studies on cancer. However, because Ivermectin is good for so many things — immunomodulation as one example (covered in the article How Ivermectin Improves the Immune Response by Acting as an Immunomodulator)– which is part of its impact on cancer.

Ivermectin as an Immunomodulator

But, of course, immunomodulation supports the overall immune system and immune response. This is also only one of the ways that Ivermectin works against cancer, as covered in the article By How Many Different Mechanisms Does Ivermectin Fight Cancer?

Given all of this, it’s difficult to separate the benefit of Ivermectin only for cancer and to say there should be a dosage specific to cancer prevention and treatment if we find studies that provide new information related to Ivermectin and cancer that change this.

In that case, we will modify our recommended dosage and then break out into multiple dosage recommendations.

  • This is an important insight related to the topic of using Ivermectin.
  • Ivermectin should not be considered a treatment that does just one thing.

How the Usage of Ivermectin Tends to Expand the More You Know About It

For example, I started taking Ivermectin to fight the impact of the covid vaccine, which I was essentially coerced into accepting. However, as I have expanded my research into Ivermectin, I realized that Ivermectin is a Jack of all Trades treatment. So while it fights the spike protein from the mRNA vaccines, it does many other things in the body.

And this leads to the next point and common question.

How many leeways Do Cancer Treating MDs Have in Treating and Education?

And in fact, even cancer-treating MDs themselves have only limited information about the interaction between standard cancer treatments and the immune system — as they have been told to give treatments by the medical schools and medical authorities — both of which are filled to the brim with financial conflicts from chemotherapy drug manufacturers and radiological equipment manufacturers.

Necessarily, MDs focusing on the immune system would deemphasize the standard cancer treatments. Suppose you review the medical advice provided by medical authorities ranging from the CDC to hospitals to private practice MDs. In that case, you find an unsupportable underemphasis on the immune system and optimizing the immune system. This is not exclusive to the coverage of cancer. An excellent example is the article A Comparison of How Much Effort the CDC Puts Into Immunity Versus Vaccines.

Ivermectin Characteristics

Let’s review the characteristics of Ivermectin.

  1. Effective against a wide variety of ailments in addition to general immunomodulator.
  2. One of the safest drugs, with roughly 45 years of usage information.
  3. Inexpensive (if you carefully use the right source, as covered in the article Answering the Question of Where to Get Ivermectin.)

Once you look at the benefits, the question is, why wouldn’t one want to take Ivermectin every day?

If one looks at the benefits of immunomodulation and anti-inflammation are desirable as endless benefits for long-term health.

Dosage Recommendation #1: The Dosage Recommendation For Ivermectin Manufactured Outside of India

We reviewed all the studies on Ivermectin for everything ranging from cancer to covid to parasites. The dosage supported by this literature from many studies we examined for different applications is between .17 and .23 MG per pound of body weight. Anywhere in this range should be adequate.

Keep reading and see the calculator below.

*We previously had a lower dosage. However, as we read more studies, our confidence grew enough to increase the dosage. This dosage recommendation is higher than what we have seen, sometimes recommended. However, a person takes virtually no risk at this higher dosage due to low toxicity. I have tested this dose on myself for months with no ill effects noted. The scientific literature has tested far higher levels than I have tried on myself without ill effects.

Dosage Recommendation #2: The Dosage Recommendation For Ivermectin Manufactured in India (If Not From Our Tested Source)

All the lower-priced Ivermectin we have found is manufactured in India. As is covered in Katherine Eban’s book — Bitter Pill, the amount of the active ingredient does typically not match the amount listed on the packaging. The article ” The Problems With India’s Ranbaxy or Sun’s Drug Manufacturing ” covers this.

The problem is knowing how much less active ingredient there is. This is a current area of testing we are engaging in, so I don’t have the answer presently. When I do, this article will be updated with that information.

Until that research is complete, the recommended dosage for taking Indian-manufactured Ivermectin is 20% higher. Remember — as we cover in the articles on generic drugs, generic drugs made in India or China have the following issues.

  • These countries do not have functioning drug regulatory bodies.
  • The FDA and EMA (Europe’s FDA) spend minimal effort regulating the manufacturing facilities they approve to export to the US and Europe.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers face cutthroat price competition; therefore, reducing the active ingredient in the drugs they sell is one way to compete.

Therefore, given the expected reduced active ingredient, this would be between .24 MG per pound of body weight.

In terms of how long to take Ivermectin, that topic is covered in the article How Long Should a Person Take Ivermectin?

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