Ivermectin Articles

  • Ivermectin offers treatment and prevention for many diseases and general health maintenance.
  • This article index provides explanations of Ivermectin from many perspectives, including cancer, the medical establishment’s war on Ivermectin, dosage and safety, general topics, and covid.
  • These first articles are both subscriber favorites and the starter articles. Starter articles are the articles that subscribers are most curious about right off the bat – including dosage, sourcing, and so on.

Starter Ivermectin Articles

We recommend you read these articles first. These articles focus on how to use Ivermectin. 

Begin by reading these articles. Then, navigate to the window below to read more. 

  1. The Brightwork Ivermectin Dosage Guide (Subscriber favorite)
  2. The Brightwork Cancer Protocol (Subscriber favorite) 
  3. Our Recommended Source for Ivermectin (Subscriber Favorite)
  4. How Long Should a Person Take Ivermectin? (Subscriber favorite)
  5. Is There a Best Ivermectin Dosage for Cancer or Cancer Types? (Subscriber favorite)
  6. Our Sourcing and Bioequivalence Testing (Subscriber favorite) 
  7. Does Everyone at Brightwork Research Take Ivermectin (Subscriber favorite)

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