Medical Authorities: The FDA, NIH, and CDC

  • Pharmaceutical interests have captured the health authorities in the US and many other countries. This is a major reason they so consistently provide poor-quality advice.
  1. How the FDA Has Been Corrupted by the Pharmaceutical Companies
  2. How the Recommended Daily Allowances or RDAs Are Set Too Low by the FDA
  3. How Yale, the FDA, and Merck Lied About Molnupiravir's Inferiority to Ivermectin
  4. The NIH’s Skeptical View on Supplements
  5. Why Health Authorities Position MDs, Nurses, and Pharmacists as Experts in Nutrition
  6. How Adverse Drug Deaths Are Covered Up By Hospitals And The FDA
  7. How Do Pharmaceutical Company Controlled Studies Have a +95% Success Rate?
  8. How WebMD is a Marketing Front End for the Medical Establishment
  9. How Drug Companies Try to Scare Patients From Generic Drugs
  10. How Cancer Research Funded by the NIH and American Cancer Society is for Developing Profitable Items
  11. How The FDA Supercharged the Opioid Epidemic by Approving Battlefield Painkiller Dsuvia
  12. Why the NIH Does Not Have Any Studies on Ivermectin for Treating Cancer
  13. How Gilead Brought Off the NIH's Support of Remdesivir
  14. How The NIH Maximizes Covid Hospitalizations By Not Recommending Anti-Inflammatories
  15. How Both The FDA And The European Medicine Agency Are Controlled By Pharmaceutical Companies
  16. The FDA, CDC and NIH Do Not Want Adverse Drug Reactions Counted
  17. The Medical Establishment Resents People Checking Covid Adverse Reactions in VAERS
  18. What Has Ignorance and Lies by MDs on Covid Treatments Done to Medical Trust?
  19. Why Does the FDA Not Clearly Publish Information on Clinical Trials at Their Website?
  20. How Hospitals Were Ineffective Against Covid and Killed Many
  21. Why The FDA Did Nothing to Moderate Nexium Prilosec And PPI Prescriptions
  22. How FDA Did Nothing to Stop And Turned a Blind Eye to The Opioid Epidemic
  23. How Low Are the FDA's Standards of Evidence for New Drug Approval?
  24. Lies Told by Forbes and Big Pharma on Elizabeth Warren's Recommendation
  25. How The FDA Backpeddled On Their False Claims Around Ivermectin
  26. How The Endpoint of the Covid Vaccine FDA Studies Was Rigged by Pharma Companies
  27. How Pharma Companies and the Medical Establishment Crushed Academic Freedom
  28. What Percentage of the NIH’s Cancer Budget Goes to Prevention?
  29. What Percentage of the NIH’s Cancer Budget Goes to Environmental Exposure?
  30. How the FDA Lied About the Safety and Effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine Versus Covid
  31. How the FDA Changed its Warning Against Ivermectin
  32. How The FDA Routinely Covers Up Clinical Trial Fraud
  33. How the FDA’s Generic Bioequivalence Testing is Fake
  34. The Myth of the FDA Properly Inspecting Indian and Chinese Drug Manufacturing Plants
  35. How the FDA Approves of Generic Drugs They Know are Not Bioequivalent