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Article Category #21: Heart Disease

This section covers heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in the US.

Heart Disease Articles

Article Category #22: Statins and Cholesterol

This section covers heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in the US.

Statins and Cholesterol Articles

Article Category #23: Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are how drugs and other medical items receive approval. However, how much do you know about how clinical trials are run, who pays for them, and how the results of clinical trials match the results from the field?

These articles expose the reality of clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Articles

Article Category #24: Auto-Immune Disease

Auto-immune diseases are when the immune system loses its ability to effectively distinguish between healthy cells of the body and those it is supposed to destroy. The medical establishment has only very blunt tools to treat autoimmune diseases.

Auto-Immune Disease Articles

Article Category #25: Covid General

These articles provide an important analysis of the covid pandemic. The covid pandemic and the response by medical authorities are critical to understanding how the medical establishment publishes industry-controlled information to the public.

Some people think that because the pandemic is over, there is less value in going through and analyzing what the medical authorities said. We disagree. The medical authorities and establishment media were caught red-handed lying about virtually every aspect of the pandemic. Big Tech and the media were pressured by governments to stifle dissent and to promote false covid information from governments and health authorities.

Covid Articles

Article Category #26: Covid Vaccines

Many people are done with covid as the focus on the virus has dramatically declined since the pandemic. However, covid is not done with the population because ineffective and dangerous vaccines are widely used.

These articles cover covid from the perspective of the vaccines, who died from covid, how the pandemic exposed the health authorities and overall healthcare system in the US and other Western countries, and what these observations can teach us about interpreting other advice provided by these systems.

Covid Vaccine Articles

Article Category #27: Vaccine General

The real story of vaccines is shocking.

Vaccines and the historical improvement against infectious diseases have been falsified by the medical establishment to push unsafe and ineffective vaccines — and this control over the infectious disease narrative is core to the medical establishment’s exaggerated authority and claims of effectiveness.

Vaccine General Articles

Article Category #28: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements. What is interesting about the effectiveness of vitamins is how strongly the health authorities seek to keep people from taking them.

Vitamin D Articles

Article Category #29: Vitamin C

Like Vitamin D, Vitamin C is another one of the most important supplements.

Vitamin C Articles

Article Category #30: Supplements

Supplements and overall nutrient optimization are important for health and are deliberately minimized in importance by the medical establishment. There are many nutrients for which the US population has repeatedly been shown to be deficient and directly related to health. The more people rely on fast and processed food, the more nutrient-deficient they will become.

Supplement Articles

Article Category #31: Antidepressants and SSRIs

This section covers antidepressants by addressing their effectiveness, history, and how health authorities have presented this topic.

Antidepressant and SSRIs

Article Category #32: Premenstrual Dysphoria Disorder

Antipsychotics were initially designed for those with severe mental disorders like schizophrenia. However, they have been greatly enlarged in their usage.

PMDD Articles

Article Category #33: Antipsychotics/Tranquilizers

Antipsychotics were initially designed for those with severe mental disorders like schizophrenia. However, their usage has greatly enlarged by being prescribed to people with depression.

Antipsychotic and Tranquilizer Articles

Article Category #34: Benzodiazepines

A drug commonly prescribed for anxiety. This is yet another drug that has led to enormous problems and has been falsely advertised.

Benzodiazepine Articles

Article Category #35: ADHD and Amphetamines

  • ADHD is a condition that massively increased in diagnoses in just a few decades — and is intertwined with the issue of antidepressants.

ADHD and Amphetamine Articles

Article Category #36: Inflammation

Inflammation is the gateway to a large number of diseases. Everyone should be concerned with managing inflammation.

Inflammation Articles

Article Category #37: Hospital Selection

Hospital selection is one of the most important parts of health management.

Hospital Selection Articles

Article Category #38: Brain Health

Many ailments can be addressed by focusing on what is necessary to optimize the brain through nutrition and exercise. The medical establishment virtually ignores these areas as they are not profit-maximizing and reduce the control of the MD, hospital, medical center etc., over the patient.

Brain Health Articles

Article Category #39: Sleep Optimization

Sleep is where the body performs a disproportionate amount of repair versus the hours one is awake and is critical to the immune system and brain function

Sleep Optimization Articles

Article Category #40: Opioids

Opioids are yet another example of the lack of concern for public health by what are supposed to be public health authorities. Even for those not personally or with family members addicted to opioids, this story is damning for what it says about the controls on the system.

Opioids Articles

Article Category #41: Protein Pump Inhibitors and Antacids

These two types of drugs are often considered innocuous. These articles explain the reality of constantly changing the acidity of your digestive system.

PPI and Antacid Articles

Article Category #42: Hormone Replacement and Sex Topics

Hormone replacement is performed for both women and men. This section covers medical sex topics.

Hormone Replacement and Sex Topics Articles

Article Category #43: Food, Obesity, and Weight Management

Food is a vastly underestimated and underemphasized area within medicine. This is why it is important not to look to medical professionals for food advice. The medical profession does not make money selling food.

Food, Obesity, and Weight Management Articles

Article Category #44: Diabetes

There are many natural things that one can do to address diabetes and also to prevent diabetes. The medical establishment promotes none of these items.

Diabetes Articles

Article Category #45: Sodium and Salt and Iodine

Sodium and salt intake is a misunderstood area of medicine and health.

Sodium, Salt and Iodine Articles

Article Category #46: Exercise and Health

This section covers the intersection of exercise, health, and medicine. Exercise is a key part of maintaining a strong immune system; the benefits are multifaceted and greatly underemphasized by the medical establishment. It is often said that if the benefits of exercise were in a pill, it would be one of the most valuable drugs ever invented.

Exercise and Health Articles

Article Category #47: Generic Drugs

Understanding generic drugs is critical to disease treatment. Generic drugs are not what they appear at first glance, and more often than not, even healthcare practitioners do not understand many important aspects of how the generic manufacturing industry works and the implications for the drugs we take and the prices we all pay.

Generic Drugs Articles

Article Category #48: Drug Pricing

Drug pricing in the US is very complicated and is also little regulated.

Drug Pricing Articles

Article Category #49: Aging

This section covers aging and how to reduce its effects.

Aging Articles

Article Category #50: Osteoporosis and Bone Health

Osteoporosis is critical to getting accurate information because there are many bad osteoporosis drugs.

Osteoporosis and Bone Health Articles

Article Category #51: Arthritis

Arthritis has several natural items that are easy to do that will improve arthritis and that you won’t hear about from the medical establishment.

Arthritis Articles

Article Category #52: Collagen

Collagen is one of the most important factors in overall health.

Collagen Articles

Article Category #53: The FDA

Pharmaceutical interests have captured the health authorities in the US and many other countries. This is a major reason they consistently provide poor-quality advice to the public. The FDA is not partially but entirely captured by drug and food companies. They consider their customer’s drug and food companies first and the public a distant second.

FDA Articles

Article Category #54: The NIH

Pharmaceutical interests have also captured the health authorities in the US and many other countries. The NIH funds research that can be converted into profitable treatments and puts very little funding into prevention.

NIH Articles

Article Category #55: Other Medical Authorities

The FDA is an agency that promises to do things it does not do and is a captured entity that does the bidding of the drug companies and prioritizes public health and safety.

Other Medical Authorities Articles

Article Category #56: Bill Gates Foundation

Bill Gates and his foundation are highly influential in funding fake research and in promoting false information at many websites. Bill Gates has a faux charity that uses a charitable cover to engage in influence peddling. This hides what is an entirely deceptive and infinitely corrupt enterprise.

Bill Gates Foundation Articles

Article Category #57: Drug Companies

Drug companies are the most powerful entities in the US medical establishment.

Drug Companies

Article Category #58: Health Insurance and Medical Billing

As with the rest of the medical system, insurance and reimbursement are pitfalls.

Insurance and Reimbursement Articles

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